About therapy

What is therapy?

There is a lot of jargon used to describe therapy and its benefits. I simplify things and focus on how I can best help you.

Psychotherapy is a talking therapy. It can help people overcome pain from their pasts, feel supported through current challenges and develop coping strategies for the future. We might focus on specific issues, feelings or experiences such as bereavement, sudden loss or the painful breakdown of a relationship. We may focus on deeper work to consider your behavioural, emotional and thought patterns and how they may be contributing to repeated disappointments or the sense that you are ‘stuck’ in difficult or overwhelming feelings. This work could include looking at how you relate to yourself and others, or where you may be attached to certain things in a way that does not seem helpful such as food, drugs or alcohol, or difficult relationships. For further information about psychotherapy, you can go to: https://www.psychotherapy.org.uk

My approach

In my work I draw on whichever approach I believe can best meet your needs.

You won’t be interrogated or put under pressure and there won’t be anything ‘done to you.’  The work is led by you and our goal is always to help you come to a deeper understanding of yourself.

In my experience, being listened to deeply and compassionately can help to ease overwhelming emotions and make space for new perspective when we feel submerged in difficulty.

Therapy can feel mysterious but I make the process clear and consistent.  

How does it work?

Relationships are central to effective therapy so it is important for us to meet first before deciding to work together. I offer a ‘no obligations’, initial meeting which lasts for one hour and in this time we can talk about your reasons for coming, what you might like to gain from the process and I can answer any questions you may have.


If we decide we could work usefully together, meetings take place at the same venue at an agreed time(s) of the week. I practise in central Salisbury and sessions last for 50 minutes. Our work is confidential and we work in line with a mutually agreed contract.


In our sessions you are encouraged to talk about whatever is on your mind, while I listen deeply. In this safe, non-judgemental space, we work together to explore the things that might be contributing to your problems. It can be painful to face difficult issues, but I will be there to support you.

How long does it take?

It really depends on your individual and ongoing needs. Helping someone manage a current crisis may take anywhere from a few sessions to up to 6 months of weekly therapy. For deeper, longstanding challenges meeting for 1-2 years can be more helpful. Long term, open-ended work is also available.

How much does it cost?

An initial 20 minute phone call to discuss what you are looking for and explore whether we want to work together will incur no cost and there is no obligation to continue.

If we decide to work together, as a psychotherapist in training, subsequent 50 minute sessions will cost £40.

Fees are paid monthly in arrears.