Diversity and Equality

There are still huge barriers to accessing to mental health support for many members of our community which I seek to address through my working practices.

This means: 

I strive to make my work as accessible as possible, and that I embrace diversity and seek to promote equality and cultural sensitivity in my engagement with my clients, colleagues and in my wider working practices. 

I am committed, through my own self-enquiry and professional development, to expanding my awareness of discrimination based on age, disability, gender and gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, ethnicity, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation and economic status. 

I seek to engage with supporting organisations that share my vision for promoting equality and diversity and challenging discrimination and unfair practices. 

In line with these objectives, I adhere to the UKCP’s Diversity and Equalities statement which can be found here: UKCP’s diversity and equalities statement (psychotherapy.org.uk)

I also adhere to the BCPC Code of Practice for Members which can be found here: https://www.bcpc.org.uk/uploads/files/General-Code-of-Practice-for-BCPC-Professional-Members.pdf